Don’t Forget To Love Yourself

dont forget to love yourself

   I remember going to a conference and having one of the speakers say, “When we’re asked what we love we could go on forever… But how long until we would say ‘I love myself’?”

   That question has stuck to me ever since I heard him say it and it is 100% true! If I were to ask you what or who you loved you would say family, your favorite food, maybe music, a book, but it would be a while until you said, “Me. I love me”. Why?

   We’re all capable of being loved, especially by our selves, but why don’t we? We’re all beautiful and talented and special and intelligent and worth something to someone, so why don’t we feel the need to be loved by us?

   I challenge you to look into the mirror and point out 5- no 10 things that you love about yourself and comment them down below. They don’t have to be about your appearance, they can be anything that you love about yourself. When you’re done with that, share this advice on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, anything! Make a person’s day and help me to inspire everyone to love themselves!

Stay Strong. Stay Beautiful. BeYoutiful.


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