Inspiration Is Everywhere


Inspiration is everywhere! Too many times I meet a writer or musician or artist (let’s face it they’re all artists) that tell me that they are in between a rock and a hard place because they can’t seem to find inspiration. Every time, I look at them in shock. How can you not be inspired by the world we live in?!

Take a second to just look around and see what you truly have around you. There’s your favorite book, marked up in highlighters of every color, black pen, and there’s even some food stains. What about your iPod? It’s just sitting there chalked full of songs that you downloaded because you were sad, happy, angry, or just loved the beat.

I’m forgetting the biggest muse that everyone has. Themselves. You’ve done so much! You’ve conquered fears, made friends, made enemies, cried, laughed, smiled, etc. There is so much that we’ve all done and that we look at as weak or strong or stupid and, sometimes, incredibly smart. You are the greatest inspiration that you have. Why not take advantage of it?!

Think about how many times you’ve been sad. Use that to write a story. What about that time you were so angry you felt that you were about to explode? Draw about how you felt on the inside! No one can understand us as great as we do. Sometimes we don’t understand the emotions bubbling under the surface, and that’s okay! Write a sound about “navigating your sea of thoughts”! Everything that you’ve ever felt, ever thought, ever seen; you can use it to express yourself!

So don’t stop writing, painting, drawing, playing… Don’t stop because there is still so much that you have to accomplish. And don’t let something as stupid as “a lack of muse” keep you from doing what you love.

Stay Strong. Stay Beautiful.


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