Top 10 Holiday Gifts

Christmas Presents

Shopping for gifts during the holidays is hard, but here are 10 things that anyone would love!

1. Electronics

    We’re in the 21st century! We rely on technology so much that iPads and Androids are taking over our every waking moments. Help spread the apocalyptic wonder with the a kindle or a new smartphone!

2. Jewelry

   Whether it be a diamond necklace or a Rolex watch, jewelry is one of the most popular holiday gifts for anyone. You can customize it anyway you want, with the proper budget, of course. Jewelry is easy to acquire, if you have the money.

3. Alcohol

    With all the stress of the holidays over, New Years sneaks up and you’re out of wine (thanks Aunt Petunia)! But wait! Cousin Teddy got you a new bottle of Pinot Grigio for Christmas! Thanks Teddy!

4. Clothes

   This one might be a little difficult because everyone’s style is unique and sizes are tough to get right, but who doesn’t need an ugly sweater for next year’s Christmas party? After all, you’re just looking towards the future.

5. Gift Cards

    If you know someone who is very particular and you know that they’re not going to like anything you pick out, get them a gift card! They can get themselves whatever they want!

6. Toys

   This doesn’t really pertain to everyone, but if the person you’re buying a gift for is still a kid at heart, why not buy them the latest in kid technology!

7. Music

    You can never go wrong with music! Even if they’ve never heard that person or band, maybe they’ll love the music that you helped them discover!

8. Beauty Products/Services

   Your mom has been slaving in the kitchen, making sure that Christmas dinner is absolutely perfect. On top of that, she’s been stressing over the perfect gift for everyone! Why not give her a break and send her some lotion and certificate to the local spa for a massage? She deserves it!

9. Tickets

    Teenagers. You never know what they like anymore. Their opinions change faster than Miley Cyrus’ personality, but they’ll always like concerts and movies. Get them tickets to the latest movie or concert tickets to the latest artist coming to your town.

10. Furniture

    Lots of people are moving and I’m sure the people that aren’t still have furniture from when they were in college. Get them a coffee table or, if you’re feeling generous, get them a comfy Papasan chair!

No matter what, I’m sure that your family will be grateful for anything you decide to give them. Be safe and enjoy your holiday! Comment down below what you want for Christmas and it might just happen!

Stay Strong. Stay Beautiful.


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