The 5 Steps To Get Over A Guy

Step 1:
Forget or Forgive

   Realize that the objective to getting over him isn’t necessarily forgetting him, but more about forgiving. After all, he is helping you find your happily ever after. From the relationship you had with him, you know the characteristics that you want to look out for and the ones that you don’t. Let’s face it, he will always be a part of your life in some way or another, but it’s your job to choose if he is going to impact your life in a positive or negative manner.

Step 2:
Lapse Time

    Give yourself time to “mourn”. It’s perfectly natural to miss him and even more common to feel sad. I’m not saying that you should take months and just sit in self pity. No. I’m saying take a week to just sit and remember all of the good times you had with him, and then realize that it’s over. Get the girls together and have a movie marathon with a bunch of chocolate and ice cream and tissues.

Step 3:

   Find something to occupy your time. Chances are, you met most of your friends through him and some might stick around, and some might not. After your schedule clears, most people stay home and drown their sorrows. Pick up a new hobby! You’ll make new friends, more friends, and you’ll get your mind off of the person that used to take up a majority of your time. You can even express your feelings in the hobby that you choose!

Step 4:

    Don’t immediately jump into another relationship. Give yourself time to find “closure”. Even if he has moved on, doesn’t mean you have to. Wait until you find that right guy, don’t just rush into a courtship because he is. Take time to just be single, free, and live a little without the restrictions of a boyfriend. You never know, you might learn some great lessons, travel, or discover more about yourself. The possibilities are endless!

Step 5:
Miss Independent

    Realize that you are a strong and independent woman who doesn’t need a man to make you happy. You deserve the best. Obviously, he wasn’t. Whether you broke up with him (most likely for a good reason) or he broke up with you (which he was stupid to do), it wasn’t meant to be. When it is, you’ll know.

   Along the way to finding your happily ever after, you’re going to meet a lot of frogs. Just think, you’re one frog away from your Prince Charming. It’s so close. Just be patient. Don’t settle for second best. Wait until you’re one hundred percent sure that he’s the one.

Comment down below what your “get over him” steps are. We can all get through tough break ups together.

Stay Strong. Stay Beautiful.


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