A Guide to Highschool Students


The types of highschoolers that you’ll run into in the hallways, classroom, library, and detention.

1. Miss Priss
-This person is usually always a girl and has a Gucci bag on one arm, a Coach bag on the other, holding her iPhone and a Starbucks cup. There hair can be any natural color but it’s always styled perfectly. They usually look like they just stepped off a runway.

2. The Hipsters
-These are the guys and girls that pride themselves in being “Hipster”. They look as though they have jumped off of your Tumblr dashboard. They’re not as “high-maintenance” as the Miss Prisses but they like to stay within their own clique.

3. Too Cool For Skool
-This kid, boy or girl, usually sits in the back of the class with his/her head burrowed in his arms. He/She will probably fall asleep and doesn’t really turn in their assignments but somehow maintains a “C” average. They’re probably really smart but they don’t apply themselves.

4. Nerds and Geeks
-These are the guys and girls that pride themselves in their vast knowledge of books/technology. These are the people that make friends or enemies with the teachers and are bullied most. These two “genus” break off into two “species” (shown in 5 and 6).

5. Bookworms
-These guys and girls always have their nose buried in books. They go around talking about the characters as if they’re real and quote each book that they’ve read whenever they can. They usually make jokes that no one understand. These friends like to try to force books down your throat.

6. Gamer / Comic Collector
-These students are always doodling and staring off into space. They like to wear their “Fandoms” on their shirts and try to explain them to everyone who compliments them.

7. Artist/Musician/Journalist-Novelist
-These students always have a notebook with them; whether they’re sketching, writing poetry, or writing music. They usually have ink on their hands from exploding pens or smudging on the paper. They usually have papers everywhere with comprehensible scribbles that only they can decode and usually forget that they have pens or pencils in their hair or behind their ear.

8. Quaterback
-This guy could be the quarterback or just a really good athlete at the school who gets special treatment because of it. He makes friends with teachers so that they can feel important and girls flock to him even though they known that a) he’s a player or b) he’s taken (usually by the Miss Priss).

9. Secret Service
-There is always that kid who never talks and just sits in the back of the class and watches everyone and how they interact. He or she is usually wearing mute colors and has their hair down. They don’t really contribute to the class and are almost invisible.

Disclaimer: This article is for purely informational purposes. I do not condone “social Hierarchies” in high school. Please do not bully those of other “genus”, in fact DO NOT BULLY AT ALL. Please be kind to everyone. This is just to help you make friends in high school. You DO NOT HAVE TO BE A PART OF ANY GENUS. You CAN BE YOUR OWN PERSON.

Stay Strong. Stay Beautiful.


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