Book Progress

   Hi, beauties. I know this isn’t your average post but I wanted to share some great news with all of you! My book, “Guilty Angelswill be released on July 25th of next year. (If you’re confused, that would 2014.) Pre-orders will start in February and the cover release is January 2nd.

   You can buy my first (but not only) book on this website. I’m so thankful for the support that I’ve had through my “creative process”. So I’m going to take this time to thank a few people.

   The first, is my amazing family who, whether they know it or not, were a huge impact on my writing. Without their approval, I probably wouldn’t have carried through with this dream that has now become a reality. They’ve always been 100% honest with me and I think that’s what makes my writing better.

Second, are my friends. They’re the ones that I base most of my characters on and were the first people to read any of my pieces. One person in particular that I just have thank is Suhani (I’m not giving her last name for her own protection). She was one of my first “fangirls” and I don’t think I would’ve finished this novel as soon as I had without her constant complaining that I was taking too long. ( Also the creator of Suhenna Creations ).

   I, also, want to thank my 8th grade English teacher who got me started on this road that has been so crucial to the person I am today. She started this addiction with becoming the creator of my own worlds and I’m am so grateful for her.

   Lastly, I want to thank all of you. You’ve made such an impact in my life and have helped me gain confidence in what I want to do with the rest of my life. Everyday, I wake up so excited to see if people are enjoying what I am putting out into the world and I find myself speechless sometimes that people are actually reading what I’ve written.

   Thank you all, so much, for the support and love that you send to me. I hope you enjoy “Guilty Angels” and stick around to read my future books. Don’t forget to subscribe and like this article. Please comment down in the comment section what you want to see next. As usual, I post every Saturday.

Stay Strong. Stay Beautiful.

P.S. I’m releasing a “Holiday Horror” short story on December 21st on my profile. Please check it out.


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