To Give Without Expecting to Recieve

give and recieve

   It’s the holiday season again, and we all know what that means. Chocolates, candy canes, and gift bags galore. But there’s one thing that I wanted to touch up on, especially since I’ve witnessed a lot of this particular subject recently.

Giving someone a present and becoming upset because you didn’t get anything in return.

   Last time I checked, the holiday season is all about teaching people to give without expecting to receive. (Also, you know, that religious aspect that we’re not going to go into).  How can you go out and get me a gift, even after I said I didn’t want anything, and then complain that I didn’t get you anything. When I say I don’t want anything, that means don’t get me anything.

   Also, not everyone can just go out and buy thirty people twenty dollar gifts. You shouldn’t push guilt onto someone who has no control on whether they can or cannot give someone a gift. Who says that the person who didn’t get you a gift didn’t want to? What if they just simply couldn’t afford it?

   I know it’s sad to think about, but a lot of people can’t even afford to get their families gifts during the holiday season, so who says they’re going to be able to get you something? Last time I checked, the holidays aren’t even about the gifts or the material things that everyone seems to hold so dear. Have we really become so vain and engrossed in the monetary and materialistic world that we’ve forgotten the true meanings of Hanukkah ( also spelled Chanukah), Christmas, Kwanzaa, Bodhi Day, and many, many more holidays?

Just something to leave you thinking about. Comment down below what your thoughts are about the terms of giving and receiving.

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Stay Strong. Stay Beautiful.


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