New Years Resolutions

   Every year, December 31st rolls around and everyone decides that they’re going to give themselves goals that they want to accomplish in the coming year. The first week -week and a half -everything is fine! You’re on track, you’re gungho about your goals, and you’re feeling great.

  Then, you’re not.

   Everyone ends up forgetting what they promised themselves and, when this time of year comes back to haunt them, they end up feeling down. I am one-hundred percent guilty of this, but this year, it’s going to change.

   I’m going to tell you my 5 New Years Resolutions and ways that I’m going to keep from falling off the band-wagon.

   Number 1:
This year, I’m going to stop worrying what others think about me and do what makes me happy. 

   Number 2:
In 2014, I’m going be honest with myself and others.

   Number 3:
I am going to stop procrastinating and get my work done long before it is due.

   Number 4:
This year, I’m going to get a job, other than my summer job, and start saving for college and, hopefully, a flat in England.

   Number 5:
In 2014, I’m going to forget the old and negative people/things/ideas, and learn to surround myself with positivity.

   To keep myself from “straying”, I’ve made my resolutions public. This way, if I do start to get lazy or “fail”, friends, family, and even I can stop myself. I can look back and remember what I told myself I would do this year. I, also, hung up little notices in my room so I can remind myself everyday what my goals for this year are.

   I think the hardest goal for me will be to stop procrastinating. It’s a learned habit and a hard one to break. I’m doing good at it, though, already getting started on projects that are due in May.

   Notice how I did not put any physical goals like I want to acquire a six-pack, I want to weigh x lbs., or I want to be able to run x amount of miles. I did this on purpose. Every year, people around me make physical goals, not because they want it, but because they’ve been told they should want it. The goals above are things that I truly want to accomplish, and I’m fine with how I look and what I can do. Even people close to me tell me that I should be a certain way and I just ignore them and sweep it off to the side. If I wanted to be a certain way, I would strive for it. So basically, what I’m trying to say is:

Make resolutions of things that you truly want to accomplish. It’ll make it one-hundred times easier.

   What are your New Years resolutions? Comment down below what they are and how you’re going to make sure you keep them, this year. While you’re there, comment things that you would like to see from this blog in 2014.

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Stay Strong. Stay Beautiful.


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