Holiday Whiplash

I heart Christmas

   The holidays are over! People are going back to work and back to school and the only thing crossing people’s minds is how much work they told themselves that they would get done over the break and didn’t. People have eaten themselves into “food-comas” and now, pretty much all of the food in their house is gone. So everyone piles in the car, bundled up, going on a family outing to buy food and walk off all of the cookies they ate. They walk into the store, expecting to see the holiday clearance isle, grasping onto the little piece of Holiday Spirit left…

And find heart shaped boxes full of chocolate.

    Now, I don’t hate Valentine’s Day, but it’s not my favorite holiday. Come on! New Years isn’t even over yet and you’re already thinking about February 14th?! Take it one day at a time!

Like, I’m confused. Am I in a hurry to watch all of my friends carrying around chocolates, presents, flowers, and cards telling them how much someone loves them when I have no one? If there is a day from couples, why isn’t there a day for singles?

        Getting back on track, I have serious holiday whiplash. I walk into a store still expecting to see chocolate Santas, candy canes, and marshmallow snowmen and become so confused when all I see is pink and red. EVERYWHERE.

Chocolate is chocolate, I suppose.

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Stay Strong. Stay Beautiful.


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