Easy To Do: Fashion

angelwood (Angelwood Fashion)

   This fall and winter classic is an easy fix! The Nordic print top costs around $30, but you can easily find a similar jumper at a thrift shop. The Georgia 86 tan lace-up boots are around $40, but they, too, can be replaced by similar, and cheaper, shoes. The black leggings are found almost everywhere from $10-$15. The tan, leather clutch is the most expensive part of this whole outfit, going around $45-$50, but is also optional in that not having one will not make, or break, the outfit.

perfection blood red jumper  (My Perspective)

   This outfit is perfect, again, for both winter and fall! The dark red, knitted jumper can be found on many sites for $15-$30 (Google Shop here). The white shoes add a hint of sophistication. You can use Tommy Hilfiger or Vans, but the closest thing that I found was Converse, which cost around $45 at finishline.com . You can use any dark jeans. You can find them at thrift shops for $7, if you go to the right ones, or get them new for around $15-$20. The watch is quite expensive, so I wouldn’t advise going out and buying one if you’re going to wear it once and then “forget about it!” (did you get the reference?). You can get the retro round metal frame sunglasses anywhere from about $20-$60. The tan, leather bag can cost from $60-$100+. Again, the little touches aren’t necessary to perfecting this look.

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Stay Strong. Stay Beautiful.


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