Culture Evolution

Whether you’re from the 90’s or the 2000’s, you have to see the culture changes that are rapidly happening all around us. I thought it was about time that I do a “when I was young” post, anyway, so with out further adieu:

Back Then vs. Now

    One of the first things that is completely different from when I was little is communication. When I was little (yes, there were phones) you couldn’t text someone and ask them to come over. There was no texting! If you were old enough, you had MSN, but your primary choice was to just call. Based off of this, your friends most likely didn’t have their own phones. So, when you were calling them, you spoke to their parents before you got to talk to them.

    Gaming! Video games were sooo different from the way they are now. Back then, the only game I knew that involved a weapon was when I shot digital ducks with an orange, plastic gun. We didn’t have X-Box, we had Nintendo. Not the fancy Nintendo systems we have now, but really generic looking “Game-boys”. During this time that I had a “Game-boy”, I had (maybe) five games. I had Mario, Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon, Power Rangers, and Herby.

    Another thing, cell-phones! We didn’t “butt dial” when I was little because it wasn’t possible for my phone to flip open while in my pocket. Even then, I didn’t get a working phone until I was at the end of 8th grade. The only phone that I got was my mom’s (when she got a new one) and all it could do was take pictures. Nowadays, I see preschoolers with iPhones.

  Finally, schooling. When I was little, if a student brought home bad grades, he/she got punished, not the teacher. In today’s society, teachers are under payed and blamed for the laziness of their students. Even now, when teachers ask for more money they are scrutinized for it, but we don’t question lawyers or doctors and, let’s face it, teachers save lives. They create those doctors and lawyers that fight for people’s lives and rights. They change the lives of children. I remember each one of my teachers so far and I know that each one of you has had a teacher that you will never forget.

Make sure to comment down below differences that you see in 2013/2014 from the 70’s/80’s/90’s.

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Stay Strong. Stay Beautiful.


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