Weekly What’s Up: Driving Me Insane

     I went to the dentist this/last week and I’m always surprised at how the dentists do things. First off, my dentist went looking for something, came back thirty minutes later, and realized that she forgot to get what she was looking for. I then asked myself if she was the ideal person to have sharp things in my mouth. After that, the dentist-doctor man came in and pushed on my teeth as hard as he could as if wishing I had a cavity. I wanted to say, “Hi, excuse me, but I’m not paying you to break my teeth”.

     Speaking of painful memories, semester exams are finally over, too. That means grades have plummeted, you’re out of coffee, and now you’ve forgotten everything that you learned first semester. Everyone is now getting sleep, thankfully, and back to wearing makeup and dressing “fancy”.

As if it wasn’t bad enough to have a whole week of test worth 20% of our semester grade, the teachers give us more tests! Why do teachers feel that it is acceptable to teach us material one day and test us on it the next? Like, excuse me, but you’re not my only class and not only are you teaching me something new, but so are they. I I just love it when all of my teachers test me on the same day. It’s like, no, it’s fine. I didn’t want to sleep last night, anyway.

Want to stay up even later?! Musical theater has returned and we have one week to learn a song and make choreography to go along with it. Although I adore music, I don’t like performing it, so this assignment is quite outside my comfort zone.

I was walking home from a long day stuck in a long building when I turned my head and saw… an old couple in a sewage drain?! An old couple had actually driven their Range Rover Sport through a tunnel and then proceeded to drive through a park and playground. After they drove through the grass and basketball court they drove up to the sidewalk and honked at me because I was in their way as they drove down the sidewalk, parallel to the road. All I have to say is people like that shouldn’t be driving.

     I want to hear all about your amazing, crazy, dangerous weeks! Tell me about them in the comments below or go to the “Contact Me” page and tell me all about it! Don’t forget to like, comment, and clock subscribe. I post every Saturday and sometimes I surprise you! Like my Facebook page for the latest “Guilty Angels” news and don’t forget to vote here.

Stay Strong. Stay Beautiful.


2 thoughts on “Weekly What’s Up: Driving Me Insane

  1. Chris Black says:

    Hello, presumably neurotypical person. Please stop using the word “insane” to describe yourself or other things that have nothing to do with insanity.

    1. ryannravenwood says:

      I may have a lot to do with insanity, for you do not know me XD But the title is “Driving Me Insane” and I was tying in the title. I do agree that I use the word too much but it’s just a quirk I have. When I find a word I like or identify with, I overuse it. We cannot all be perfect. 🙂

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