Valentines Ideas for Singles

Whether you stay in or go out, movies can never fail you. There are so many movies that come out on Valentines’ Day, like Winter’s Tale and Endless Love, and many classics that you could stay home and watch, like The Notebook and The Last Song. If you want to watch more comedic and/or family movies you can watch The Lego Movie (in theaters) or watch shows like How I Met Your Mother and The Big Bang Theory. Watch them alone or with friends, either way it’ll be a fun night!

G.N.O./B.N.O. (<— is that a thing?)
Having a G.N.O. (girls’ night out) or B.N.O. (boys night out) is just a great way to forget about the pressures of Valentines’ Day. Just hanging out with your friends, maybe a movie maybe dinner or maybe just heading downtown for some shopping/sporting events.

“Fat Day”
Now, a “Fat Day” (as my friend Eryn describes it) is a day in which you get into your favorite pair of sweats and a bunch of unhealthy foods and eat all of it. Invite friends over and maybe make a game of the candy you buy. Put a bunch of names of candy in a hat and maybe try the “Smoothie Challenge” (<— Check out Joey Graceffa doing the Smoothie Challenge if you’re unsure what that is) while they’re there. Or, you can fly solo and just chill.

What are your plans for Valentines’ Day? Share down below! If you do try the “Fat Day” tells us about it in the comments! Don’t forget to like, comment, and click subscribe. I post every Saturday and sometimes I surprise you! Like my Facebook page for the latest “Guilty Angels” news and don’t forget to vote here.

Stay Strong. Stay Beautiful.

P.S. “Valentines Ideas for Couples” tomorrow!


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