Moving On (Out)

So I bet at least a couple of you noticed that my usual Saturday post was nonexistent last week and that’s because of one major detail. I moved houses! It’s been a hectic experience but I think, in the long run, it will be much better. It’s been so time-consuming and tad bit stressful, going to school with hours of homework and then moving on top of it all. Then, to end out the week, I caught a little bug and could barely speak. It’s getting a little better and thank goodness it’s Friday. Still, so much time and so little to do! Wait a minute, strike that, reverse it, thank you (<— if you get that reference, you’re amazing! If not, click here) I’ll post what’s happening along the way and continue with the regular posts, as well. Book review soon and a movie review following that, when I have time to sit down and write them! I’ll also have a guest author to do fashion advice and another to do gaming reviews! Surprises, surprises! Wait and see what happens!

     Do you have any crazy moving stories? If so tell us all about it below in the comment section! Don’t forget to like, comment, and click subscribe. I post every Saturday and sometimes I surprise you. Send questions to the “Contact Me” page and I’ll answer them at the bottom of my next post. Like my Facebook page for chances of give-a-ways and “Guilty Angel” news. Follow me on Figment, I’m so close to 200!

Stay Strong. Stay Beautiful.

6 weeks until New York!


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