#BangerzTour: Wild Night

On March first, I went to the #BangerzTour in Las Vegas. Miley Cryus’ performance was flawless. She was so animated and her opening act… wow! Icona Pop was so good at pumping up the crowd and getting everyone ready for Miley! Even though we had nose bleed seats, we had an excellent view. There wasn’t a bad seat in the house! The tech team was brilliant and the props, outfits, and vocals was flawless!

     The energy was insane and never faltered for a minute. She is such a talented performer! I also think that she is incredibly intelligent because of her ability to get everyone’s eyes back on her after she started to fade into the background. Just think, before the VMA’s, you kinda forgot who she was and never thought that one of her songs would be #1 on any music lists and now she’s one of the Top Artists and her concerts are selling out in minutes!

     What are some good memories from your first concert? Who performed? Tell me all about it below in the comment section! Don’t forget to like, comment, and click subscribe. I post every Saturday and sometimes I surprise you. Like my Facebook page for chances of give-a-ways and “Guilty Angel” news. Follow me on Figment, I’m so close to 200!

Stay Strong. Stay Beautiful.


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