Giving Back To The Readers: March

Introducing: The Third Monthly Give Back To Readers’ Awards

1. Life Happens Blog– “Working in Social Media and Online Marketing in general, I have successfully turned my favorite subject into a career. I love running, yoga and lip gloss and I spend a lot of my time online, at Target and trying new restaurants… yum!

From schools, spas and storage companies to real estate, beauty and accessories, my social media experience comes from working with a wide variety of industries.”

I love her blog and have fun reading the articles that she posts. Every month she posts an article and I’m always terribly excited when it comes out. To follow her or just to check out her blog, click the name above!

2. Aurora Sanders– “I’m a high schooler girl. I wear my heart on my sleeve and you can probably tell when I’m having a bad day, very easily. I’ve got a bit of a temper but do my best not to let it out. On a given day, you can probably find me either animatedly talking to people and smiling a ton, writing a novel/novella, or obsessing over something. Usually music. Oh, and if you get me angry, there will probably be a song written about you. (or, you know, 10.)”

Her writing is to die for and she has an amazing talent that helps the reader empathize with each character. Please go check her out! (Do so by clicking her name, above!)

3. The Modern Day Hunter Gatherer– “So many people believe that better health and more vitality is just a new diet or exercise fad away, but research shows that doing one or both of these things for a short period of time has little or no effect on our long-term health. In order to lose weight and keep it off and lower your risk of developing lifestyle diseases like diabetes, heart disease, obesity and cancer you have to make a lifestyle change. Our forefathers did not diet or exercise, yet they were thinner and had fewer lifestyle diseases than we do today. I believe this is because movement and real whole foods were the essence of our forefathers existence. The Modern Day Hunter Gatherer is a road map to a healthier lifestyle that combines ancient wisdom with modern research. This book gives you all the tools you need to slowly and painlessly change your lifestyle and look and feel your best. This book is filled with advice on: how to eat like a Modern Day Hunter Gatherer (the healthiest food for modern man), how to choose the best produce, meat, grains, etc. that are best for your health and your budget, etc.”

I think that this is a brilliant idea! Not only are you investing in a happier, healthier future, but you’re helping a person’s dream come true when he can finally publish his book and make a difference! Find out more by clicking the link above!

If you have anyone that you believe should share some of the spotlight, comment a link to their website below or submit it to the contact me page! Don’t forget to like, comment, and click subscribe. I post every Saturday and sometimes I surprise you.  Like my Facebook page for chances of give-a-ways and “Guilty Angel” news.

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Stay Strong. Stay Beautiful.


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