New York: Part 1

Wow! It’s been insane! Last Thursday, I left for New York City on a red eye flight and ended up getting to the hotel at 7 in the morning. Then we all shuffled onto a bus for an hour ride from the airport to the hotel. We all got a lot of sleep from the plane and then the bus, but we all, exhaustively, pushed ourselves and our luggage into the hotel and then onto the next activity. We ended up going to Central Park and having some of the best times of our lives! I’d have to say that New York was pretty magical in that moment, even the subway (yes I’d been on one before) was amazingly fun! After we got to go to the hotel and get dressed for dinner at a delicatessen and then my first ever Broadway show, a matinee, no less. Of Aladdin! We had AMAZING seats and then we got a once in a lifetime chance to do a meet up with the cast in crew. It was insane!


NYC group day 1

I promise I’ll post more New York-ness soon! Sorry for the lack of posting, busy and exhausted…. Bleh.

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Stay Strong. Stay Beautiful. Go Theater!



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