What Is a Sister? | Warning Deep Thoughts Inside

What is a sister? To me, a sister someone who you know will be there for you, no matter what. Sure, you have your good times and “not so good” times, but you manage to battle through. Your sister is the one that you’ll take shopping because you know that alone, you don’t stand a chance in conjuring an outfit that is flattering let alone matches. She is the one that will bring up that embarrassing story over and over and, yes, you’ll get mad but you’ll end up laughing in the end. Your sister is someone who will laugh with and at you and, most of the time, get you so off topic that you’ll forget your own name. She’s the one who will make you act like a five-year old in the middle of public. She’ll be there with tissues when you find out your boyfriend cheated (she’ll even grab a bat and ask for his address). But, beyond all of that, she’s your forever friend.

Your sister doesn’t have to be by blood. I consider myself to have two sisters, one by chance and the other by choice (you know who you are). I guess I’m just lucky enough to have been given a sister by fate and, though I take her for granted, I wouldn’t ask for it any other way. Love you.

Comment down below some great memories that you have with your sister(s).

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Stay Strong. Stay Beautiful.


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