Technology Is Ruining Kids|Summer Camp Realization


If there is one thing that I’ve learned from working at a summer camp for four years, it’s that technology has slowly ruined children’s ability to interact with actual people.

At my day camp, we have set up a tent in one of the rooms because another thing I’ve learned is that Nevada in June and July is a perfect place for heat stroke. Once I told the kids that we were doing “Camp Out”, they were full of questions like “what do we do” and “why is it inside”, but the biggest question was “can we watch Netflix in the tent”. I almost died. When I was little, a tent meant scary stories and s’mores and family time, but to them a tent was a foreign object.

On a previous day, I was watching our “teen campers”, or campers going into 7th grade, at “Closing Circle”, a time when the whole camp comes together and sings and eats ice cream and just has fun! Every. Single. Child. Was. On. Their. Phone. INCLUDING THE COUNSELORS. I almost had a heart attack.

Camp is supposed to be a time away from technology, out in “nature”, or as natural as preparatory school kids could get. It’s sad to think that all kids and teenagers can seem to do is stick their noses in LED screens and kill IQ points. *sigh*

What are some examples of  technology ruining children that you have seen? Don’t forget to like, comment, and click subscribe. I post every Saturday and sometimes I surprise you. Like my Facebook page for chances of give-a-ways and “Guilty Angel” news. Click the page “Buy Guilty Angels” to, well, buy Guilty Angels!

Stay Strong. Stay Beautiful.


3 thoughts on “Technology Is Ruining Kids|Summer Camp Realization

  1. Chris Black says:

    Not sure if ironic or hypocritical…

    FWIW, technology has opened a door to human interaction that would have otherwise been impossible. It allows us to choose our social circle whereas we are otherwise forced to settle for those in our immediate proximity. And speaking as a person who does not fit among the people nearest to me, I embrace technology with open arms.

    1. ryannravenwood says:

      I agree with you and, as an author and blogger, I embrace technology everyday, but it is ruining our generation. Social interaction is slowly dying and if we can’t learn to control our urges in regards to technology, it could become very dangerous, very quickly.

      1. Chris Black says:

        Social interaction isn’t dying at all. It’s increasing. Through technology. Which was my point. Meaning you don’t agree despite your assurances to the contrary.

        And our generation isn’t the terrible thing people try to make it out to be. Don’t listen to the conservative asshats who bemoan the tragic horror of today’s youth. The only tragedy we have to face is that the previous generation has left the world worse off for us. But as a generation? We can change the world–and technology will be a big part of that.

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