Working | Updates!

Lately I’ve been super busy and I barely find time to just relax and have a little fun. At the moment, I’m doing 2 writing workshops (one guest judging and one participating), writing my next novel (hopefully to come out next year but, if not then, then the following year), and working at a summer camp. I’ve gotten quite good and working with minimal sleep.

It feels good to be busy, though.

Today is one of the few days that I have found time to actually get things done. I’m very happy to say that my work desk is now somewhat manageable but still piled up with scripts, packets, and books. Also, finally getting to blog a little more, now. Currently watching the ABC Family Harry Potter Movie Marathon that happens once or twice a year and finishing my drivers ed since I’m taking my drivers test in 12 days.

On an even happier note, finally learned to parallel park, which a lot of my friends said they didn’t learn and that’s why they were failed.

Busy. busy me.

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Stay Strong. Stay Beautiful.


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