Sweet 16 | Birthday Post

My Sweet 16 was all me, which made it perfect! Sorry, my inner narcissist decided to pop out for a moment. Anyways, thanks to the amazing people in the photos above (and many more who I was not sure wanted their pictures on here), my birthday was better than I could have ever dreamed of! It’s an amazing feeling, knowing that you have so many people that love you and would want to make your day even more special.

I want to thank Kenna and Tairyn for keeping me company on my actual birthday and Eli (the blonde in the matching mask) for coming over early and calming my anxieties before the party had even started. I want to thank my mom and dad for the best present ever, my nana and poppy for helping with the party and bringing the desserts, and my wonderful friends who showed up to support and be with me on such a splendid day! I love you all so much!


What was the best present you ever received? How did you spend your last birthday? Don’t forget to like, comment, and click subscribe. I post every Saturday and sometimes I surprise you. Like my Facebook page for chances of give-a-ways and news straight from my HQ. Click the page “Shop” to buy Guilty Angels and (soon) merchandise! Also, if you would like to be apart of a video for “Guilty Angels” or “Falling Into the Third Reich”, go to the “Contact Me” page and contact me for more information. Check out “The Almighty Partners” page to support the great people that keep my dream up and running!

Stay Strong. Stay Beautiful. 


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