So… It’s been a while. I have to say, I miss talking to you guys. Even if it is a one-sided conversation. I don’t know, I guess this has been my creative outlet. My public outlet. Where I can freely speak my mind without fear.

I had made my New Year’s resolution that I would stick to a schedule in which I would post, but then school took over. It’s been insane. To be honest, I’m rather upset with myself that I could not stick to my schedule, but I’m going to try to get back on board and do a little refurbishing.

I guess I owe you guys an update:

-My job search finally ended and I started work a little over a week ago. I’m fairly certain that this will be my favorite job for a long while (though I hope I didn’t just jinx it).
-Christmas movies are on 24/7 at my house and I love the atmosphere it creates.
-I’m a part of the Addams Family Musical as Grandma and tomorrow (or today depending on where you live) is our last rehearsal which makes me both anxious and excited.
-Sleep has been an almost nonexistent phenomenon in my school year thus far and I’m trying my best to just relax, especially since I’ve been getting some really bad headaches.
-I’ve been honored with not one, but two ambassadorships with, the writing site that opened up so many doors for me, and NSHSS (National Society for High School Scholars).

Awe…. That was nice to get off my chest. Now for my plans for this blog.

I plan on making this like a personal insight into my life and the workings of my mind as well as current events that seem to impact myself and others in my shoes. Hopefully most of you will be able to relate and will join me on this journey of self-exploration and discovery. If not, thank you for having read along with me for so long and I wish you luck in all endeavors that you find yourselves in.

Stay Strong. Stay Beautiful. Keep Writing.


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