My Latest Obsessions

For some reason, I’ve found myself wandering blindly around the internet and stumbling on the most perfect things. So much so that I just had to share a few with you!

My first obsession is this site called Asthetiques (check it out here). They’re this site that sells a bunch of different things but all of it is so black and white with a much deeper meaning. I’ve found myself in love with the symbolism and the unique style that they are producing. Because they are still fairly new, they only have eight t’s up but you can tell they are planning to expand in the near future.

My second latest obsession is this group of singers, whom I had known about subconsciously for a while now, who call themselves Pentatonix (check out their YouTube channel here). They are the epitome of awesome! They are a group of singers who use a capella and their own individuality to remix songs into the most amazing sounds that your ears will ever hear (disclaimer: this is all my opinion). Their new Christmas album came out last month and I bought it the day it released.

The last obsession that I had to share with you guys is this artist who calls himself (hopefully “himself” and not “herself”) Evviart (check out his/her stuff here). Basically, I was mindlessly scrolling through Facebook one day when I stumbled upon these pictures of Disney Princesses as stereotypical teenage girls today. Link after link after link and I found myself on his/her Tumblr. I instantly fell in love. (another disclaimer: some images are may be a little sensitive to kids under 10 because of abnormal body proportions).

So, yeah! That’s what I wanted to share with you guys so all you beauties could check ’em out. If you fall in love with any of the three things listed above, tell me bellow and tell them! I just want to see how many people have the same tastes as me but not as much “free time” as I apparently have.


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