What I Think About Politics

Disclaimer: These are my opinions.

I usually wouldn’t do this but I was thinking, “What the hey. This is my blog and I should be able to write on it what I please.” So here I go. If you couldn’t tell by the title, this is going to be a huge, long rant about politics and I am not going to choose a side or point fingers (maybe) but you’re welcome to try to psychoanalyze this. All you’re going to get from it is utter confusion if you try.

In my opinion, politics is necessary yet stupid. The idea that in order to actually get things done we have to trap a bunch of old, white men in a room and allow them to bicker seems counterproductive. If we are an apparent “united” society, why do we have two political parties who try to sabotage each other?

If America truly runs the government (indirectly) then we would be able to know more about the happenings of foreign policy instead of the exaggerated truth the media force feeds us. If America is truly free, certain groups people would not feel such oppression put on them by the government. It is true that politicians are human and no one will stand in front of a group of people and claim that humanity is perfect, but the degree to which politicians can be seem as inhumane is revolting.

People stand in front of thousands and declare that America is the best country in the world but all they are doing is proclaiming that they are not only arrogant but one of the most ignorant and naive people in the world. By no means is America the best country in the world. We are corrupt and arrogant and naive and unhealthy… We slaughter each other over slips of green paper and keep a great deal of wealth in the upper levels of society. If this isn’t a perfect example of a mercantile nation then I don’t know what is. We fear “communism” and champion “capitalism” but at the end of the day a majority of people who so proudly flaunt that they live in a “capitalist country” don’t even know what that means. The “socialism” that we fear is what gives kids an education because without “redistribution of wealth” we wouldn’t have public schools. We give all of our money to other countries and give all of our jobs to those who aren’t even citizens because it’s cheaper. We are scared of something new so we force people with brilliance to submit into conformity but we call for nonconformists to change the world. We claim that we offer religious freedom but we limit others’ freedoms in the name of “religion”.

America is not the greatest country in the world but what do the politicians tell us? It’s just like, during WWII, when the Japanese government kept telling their citizens that they were winning the war until American dropped bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, killing millions of innocent people.

All in all, American is falling apart and, although it isn’t 100% the politicians faults, they need to man up and realize that their cowardice and corrupt ways are one of the main reasons.

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