Recently, I took a family trip to California and was able to walk around Downtown Disney and was given full reign of an amusement park of Knott’s Berry Farm. It was so much fun to be there with my family and, what felt like, nine million of our closest friends.

I know you can’t see but I just rolled my eyes.

Downtown Disney made me so bitter toward Disney that I don’t even want to go in.  As we walked around, I kept going on about the corruption and greed that was behind the whole park and franchise. “Happiest place on Earth” my butt! Everyone I saw was miserable and every child was crying.

Knott’s Berry, on the other hand, was amazing. The lines weren’t too long (way shorter than anything I ever expected) and everything was reasonably priced. We stayed at a motel only ten minutes, at most, away so we could walk to the park in the morning and walk right outside for lunch and dinner.

All I can think about now is traveling the world and sharing experiences like this with my close friends. Now that my plans on moving to Germany are becoming more and more real, I have taken up lessons to learn German and, of course, I have started with the most important phrases first like “where is the library” and “I am sorry” (because I know that I will be needing both of those especially).

I am thinking about making a separate blog about my move and the transition and experiences I happen to have while assimilating into another culture, when it gets closer that is. I just feel like people should know what they are getting themselves into and myself, going in blind, would like to give people the chance to educate themselves and feel that they are not alone in their decision to leave their home country for another.

I found a poll question, I guess!


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