Why “society” has become an ugly word

I don’t know if it’s just me but, whenever I hear the word “society,” I almost always cringe or make a face. I don’t know how this started but I was trying to think about when the word society had somehow become synonymous to negativity or when it had somehow graduated into a negative connotation. That’s when I realized the power of words and why exactly I felt this way.

In today’s culture (please note: I tried to think of another word for society for a good five minutes here), the power that words have is incredible. Many do not even realize the power a few sounds strung together to make a word have over a person and the mood that they will carry with them for hours, days, and perhaps months.

Recently, I became aware of something called the #DontJudgeChallenge. I felt alone in my understanding of it. That is, until I found a hug group of people who thought the same way I did. I saw headlines popping up around the world.

Top news stories in the Google search bar
Top news stories in the Google search bar
A headline from a news .com site in the US
A headline from a news .com site in the US
A headline from the UK
A headline from the UK

People were purposely exaggerating blemishes and imperfections that people, real people, struggled with on a daily basis. Only when they washed off the drawn on acne and took off the glasses to cake on make up and slick back their hair did they truly feel “beautiful.” Since when did the definition of beautiful become so vain and conformist? My interpretation of beauty is going to be a heck of a lot different from my sister’s. Why? Because we’re two completely different people and the word “beautiful” is subjective.

That’s not it, though! Quite the opposite, really. After I fell across the #DontJudgeChallenge, I then stumbled into #LiesIveToldAGuy/#LiesIveToldAGirl. I started scrolling through the endless tweets, ready for the comic responses but found none. What upset me even more was that the two sets of tweets had completely different voices yet the one with the more revolting lies was the side in which I heard “this is why I have trust issues.”

Boys were tweeting things like “no, I didn’t roofie your drink” or “you deserve to have rights” (which isn’t a lie, btw, it’s a basic human right). Girls, on the other hand were tweeting “I have a boyfriend” or “I’ll ask my mom… she said no.” Spot the difference? When I was little, my mom taught my brother how to respect a girl. Obviously, the “men” tweeting the things above weren’t given the same opportunity.

There has also been a lot of discussion about make up, in general. I’ve seen a lot of posts about how “men feel lied to when girls where make up” or “if you don’t wear make up, you’re just lazy.” Here’s the thing, boys and girls listen up: I wear make up because I want to. I feel great with or without it. I feel like make up is an extension of myself, where I can represent myself and my emotions through different colors, styles, and techniques. I do not wear it to impress any of you. Neither do a majority of people who wear it. So please, the next time you’re thinking about saying “I have trust issues because…,” keep it to yourself because I am allergic to ignorance and if there’s one thing this society is not lacking, it’s ignorance.

Which brings me to my conclusion. I conclude that “society” is an evil, ugly, dark, and disgusting word because of ignorance. If this world had a little less ignorance and a whole lot more love, compassion, and knowledge, we would be better off. But the education system has filled our heads with pointless facts and taught us nothing of life and compassion. Robots are what they aim to create, not thinkers, inventors, or artists. As an artist living in the modern era under the tyrant rule of this government, I feel oppressed and attacked. This society that they have created is not a place for human inhabitants, but a breeding ground –their breeding ground– for their robots.

Explain to me why I’ve spent more time taking standardized tests than I have how to talk to my family about mental illness. Explain to me why I have spent more time learning how to use every calculator imaginable than learn how make a difference in my community. The politicians and world leaders in this day and age do not want people who can change the world or make the world a better place, they want laborers with no ability to think on their own: dependents. Our society is built on being dependent on our knowledge we were force-fed for over 12 years and it is inescapable and suffocating.

That is why society is an ugly word, because it was constructed by people with ugly hearts.


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