Wish List (Birthday Edition)

Lately, I haven’t done anything like this on my blog, but I’ve been getting a lot of questions about what I want for my birthday.

1. Journals/Pens/Binders/Etc.

I blow through writing utensils quicker than a child goes through crayons. Every holiday I always ask friends and family for like a little writing kit but so many people get the message that it seems to be the only thing I get sometimes.

2. Bags

From messenger to a simple fishnet sling, as long as I can carry notebooks and my laptop, I’m all good. I have quite the collection of bags already but they’re a little outdated and a couple of my favorites are about to see their last days.

3. Potted Cactus

I’ve wanted one for about four years now but I can never seem to find out. I found a couple at a farmers market but they were way too big.

4. Coffee Mugs and Scented Candles

I have such a varied collection of coffee mugs and I just adore them. Not to mention, I have this weird obsession with scented candles and, I know, I sound like the most “basic white girl” in the world but I will proudly embrace it.

5. Something with Sentiment 

I am a sucker for sentiment and cute things like that. Care packages, collages, scrap books, you name it! For Christmas, my good friend made me a “writer care package” with journals and pens and coffee and (of course) a coffee mug.

*** Money

Because you can never go wrong with money.

So if you have recently asked me about what I want for my birthday or if you were planning to ask in the future, I hope this gave you an idea of what I’m all about. If you’re still confused, you could always check out my Twitter and Tumblr for any hints or to learn more about me.


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