POEM | I Can’t Sleep and I Blame You

First piece in the “Late at Night” series

Held on too tight to the people trying to hurt me,
Not tight enough to the people who support me.
Got burns from the rope that slid through my fingers,
Stab wounds in the back from the knives disguised as “zingers.”
It’s sad when you find that all you worked for
Was started just so it could end with a “settled score.”
Why can people hold grudges but not each other?
How can people love revenge more than their lover?
I’ve lived on this planet for 17 years
And I’ve collected less dreams than I have fears,
I’ve heard more about death and less about life
And everyone wonders why there’s so much strife.

If you wanna change the world start with you.
Think about all that you have been told was true,
Turn it on it’s head,
Start thinking and you won’t sink like lead,
You’ll fly higher than any bird has dared,
And others will look in awe and stare–
And follow.
Because that’s what I’ve learned, others are hollow.
Once they see what you have done,
They’ll come to you all in one,
Follow you just for fun.
But learn that there is more than just… this,
What this world has told them.
And ideas will start to stem.

The greatest artists were always different,
Always brilliant.
But people couldn’t see beyond the haze,
And hours of arguments turned to days.
What can you do with the world against you?
I’ve put so much love into the world and this is what it’s come to?
“Embrace life,” they say,
“Embrace life and it will all go away.”
The way I see it, that’s easier said than done,
Especially when most hate you with the passion of the sun.
But I have something that many people don’t.
I have strength and knowledge and I won’t
Give in like everyone says I must
In order to prosper and not to just
Struggle through life, unhappy.
And instead live life fake and sappy.
I would rather live knowing that my life is true
Than be stuck with you
Because “society told me to.”


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