November is the time of the year with a lot of “no’s”: no school, no shorts, and no shaving. No Shave November is one of the most recognized organizations in the world and was founded to raise awareness for all types of cancer and represent the hair that cancer patients lose during their struggle.

It started when president and founder Rebecca Hill lost her father to cancer in 2007. A short two years later, “No-Shave” opened up a Facebook page with under 50 people participating in the first year.

Today, more than 50,000 participate every year in the month-long awareness celebration, including women. While men are encouraged to not shave their beards (the most common way seen to raise awareness), women are found more and more to be participating by not shaving their legs.

The whole idea of “No-Shave” is to embrace the natural and untamed part of life that many people “trim” (pun intended). By participating in this campaign you are not only supporting cancer patients of every age, gender, and ethnicity but also publicly stating that you will help fight cancer and, hopefully someday soon, find a cure.

If you would like to learn more about No Shave November and how you can donate, fundraise, or just get involved, you can check out their site by clicking here.

This article is NOT sponsored or anything like that, I have just seen a lot of suffering come from this disease and want to see an end to its control over others.

I also want to apologize for not posting in a while but I promise to sit down and write a long update soon. Thank you so much for continuing to stick with me.

Tell me what things you are excited about this holiday season down below. Are you participating in any 5k’s? What are you guys doing for Thanksgiving? What’s the big ticket item on your Black Friday shopping list?

Stay Strong. Stay Beautiful.


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