The Black Friday Plague

Consumers struggle against each other, fighting for material items that will be long forgotten within months. This is the scene shoppers found themselves in on Thanksgiving.

The concept of Black Friday is just another commercial “holiday” created in order to help businesses get out of the “red” or the economic danger zone. The consumers, of course, eat up their tricks and go out of their way to stand in lines in the early hours of the morning.

For the past few years, stores have been starting their Black Friday deals the evening of Thanksgiving, causing dinner to become lunch. Many get up earlier and prepare for the shopping more than they prepare for the meal or the time they are going to spend with their families.

One moment, everyone is gathered around the table, sharing how thankful they are for what they have and the next they’re fighting tooth and nail for things that they don’t.

Thanksgiving is supposed to be a time about family and tranquility, but instead many cut their holiday time short just to go out and fight others for limited material that will be available for almost the same price on Cyber Monday.

Even if they don’t leave dinner early, stores opening their doors on a national holiday solidify the idea that Black Friday is taking over Thanksgiving.

The world around us has become a sad environment where people measure love in material items instead of the time they spend together. I fear that soon, Thanksgiving will become a memory and will be replaced by families eating fast food in tents as they wait for their favorite stores to open.


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