Let’s get caught up

While I’ve been afk, or away from keyboard, a lot of wonderful things have happened in my life. 

First off, I traveled back to New York! Manhattan to be precise. It was amazing. If you’re keeping count, this is the second time I’ve gone and each time it has felt like home. This time, I got to watch Something Rotten and honestly it was one of the best musicals I have ever seen. I took classes at Columbia University and was able to roam around Central Park and its zoo. The best part of the whole experience was that I got to travel across the country with my newsies.


I was accepted into Dixie State University in Utah as a Psychology major and passed all of my AP Exams so I have a whole semester of college done without having even started class. I’m going to be moving in Mid-August and start class soon after.


I’ve participated in the annual Sun Youth Forum where I debated things like free college, LGBTQ+ in schools, and how to limit teen pregnancy. It was a unique and inspiring opportunity that I am very proud to have been a part of.

Jumping back to travel, I have gone to a lot of places in the past 6 months. My job took my manager, my close coworker/friend, and I to Six Flags for being the top two yelped employees and we spent the whole day riding coasters and running around in superhero capes.


My mom, nana, and I also went to California. While there, my mom and I were whisked away to Universal Studios where we rode roller coasters, got caught in a down pour, met a raptor, and WENT TO HOGWARTS. It was easily one of the best days of my life. The weekend didn’t end there, however; the next day we went to Malibu and had lunch at a fancy restaurant with our feet in the sand.


Besides senior prom, I WENT TO DISNEYLAND FOR THE FIRST TIME. It was magical! Traveling with 400 of my closest high school friends, Coronado High School took over Disneyland in the annual Grad Nite celebration. I bought some very expensive but well-worth-it graduation ears and a Stitch pillow pet. The food was to die for, especially the food in the French quarter. While I was at Grad Nite, my newsies were tearing a part the annual Las Vegas Review Journal awards where my co-editor and I earned a first place reward for the website all of the girls worked so hard to create and I earned the Most Valuable Staffer award. This day was pretty much the best.


The biggest thing to happen so far has to be that I GRADUATED. I graduated Coronado High School on June 8 with an Advanced Honors Diploma, an advanced honors medallion, a National English Honor Society medallion and cord, National Society of High School Scholars medallion, Journalism cord, high honors cord, National Honor Society cord, International Thespian Society pin, AP Chemistry pin, Presidential Award pin, and AP Academy stole with tassel. If you kept track that is a lot of stuff I will never use again which weighed me down for three hours. I worked so hard during my four years of high school for three hours of my life. But now, I’m trading in my Advanced Honors Diploma for an AP Scholar Diploma (only a select few earn) and using my AP exams to test out of college classes.


So now that you’re all caught up, are you ready for an even crazier month to unfold? I’m 18 in 16 day, I’m moving in a month, and oh so much more. Are you tagging along for the ride?

Stay strong. Stay beautiful. Keep writing.


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