My public odyssey

A couple of months ago, I was approached about maybe writing for this beta site called the Odyssey. It seemed very interesting and the idea that I could write for a public forum and choose my subjects was very intriguing. Ever since I started writing for the Henderson Odyssey Community, it has been a whirlwind.

I’ve written about politics, musicals, and most recently just my life on a personal level. I’ve found that it comes much easier to me when I am writing about my own life and I think that it comes off as more interesting to the readers. It’s like they can tell it’s what I enjoy.

Unfortunately, I seem to only be able to open up about what I’m thinking or feeling when I’m writing, and more so when it’s for something public. Because of this, I have found myself the victim of a number of hacking scares. So far, I have been able to counteract anything that these “hackers” have done, but I almost lost my email last time and that was a little frightening to me. I know that it might be an overexageration, but when something like this happens you kind of feel… violated.

A huge part of my life is on the internet. My writing, my singing, and now my travels are all public and out there for the world to see and judge. Despite this, I have always felt rather safe and proud to share my voice; recently that has changed.

With everything that is happening around the world, and more so around America, it has become borderline terrifying for me to share any of my political or religious views without fear that I will be gunned down as soon as I walk out my door. And that’s just sad. I shouldn’t feel so cornered. I’ve done nothing wrong.

I’ve decided, however, that I’m not going to allow these people to scare me off and I will continue to post and be who I am no matter what anyone says. So if you guys are interested, you can click here to check out all of my stories on the Odyssey Online. And stay tuned for more because there will be more.

I hope you are all staying safe in these frightening times, and a special thanks to those who have been here since the beginning.

Stay strong. Stay beautiful. Keep writing. 


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