Just another criminal

I’ve had my fair share of bullies. From the typical to the down-right abnormal, I’m just the person people go to when they want to blow off steam or feel the need to make someone feel worthless.

Maybe it’s because I don’t have a penny to my name, maybe it’s because I don’t play for an athletic team; I’m honestly not too sure at this point.

I looked forward to college for a lot of reasons, but one of my biggest was a complete delusion. I had this whimsical idea that since everyone is adult, everyone would treat others with respect.

I must have “lie to my face” written across my forehead and “stab me in the back” tattooed across my spine. There’s no other explanation.

I thought that we would be treated like adults but that was a completely ludicrous idea.

One thing that I honestly don’t understand is that we’re expected to be adults and make decisions about finances but the moment that it is something tedious, we’re treated like children. Sometimes, we’re even treated like criminals.

It’s just really hard to feel so confident in yourself when you feel in any moment you’ll be handcuffed and pulled away from everything you’ve ever known because of a lie.

Where’s my due process? What about my jury of peers? Why do I have to prove myself innocent? Isn’t it “innocent until proven guilty?”

I guess you can just throw out everything you teach when money is involved.

Stay strong. Stay beautiful. 


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