Time for some positivity

I’ve been posting a lot of not-so-fun rants recently and I decided that it’s time to switch it up a bit and think positively.

I’m currently sitting under an umbrella outside in the beautiful 84-degree, overcast day watching a psychology class run around the bright green lawn blindfolded. I’m writing, eating yogurt snacks, and listening to Christmas music.

I’ve just finished one class where I earned an 18/15 on my quiz and got to talk with my professor about joining the newspaper next semester since this semester I didn’t have time in my schedule.

My homework is done, I don’t have work today, and I get to go to dinner with some friends later tonight.

My professors are nice and funny and truly care about how you’re doing. My friends are the best and are always there if I need them and vice versa.

I can see the clock tower from where I’m sitting and behind it sits a multitude of beautiful houses on top of the red, flat mountains of Utah.

I’m alive. I’m healthy.

I get to see my family every night thanks to technology and I never feel completely alone, which is a blessing and a curse depending on my mood.

I have a lot to be thankful for, the fact that I can even go to college for example, but I’ve let all of this pointless drama consume my mind and I’ve let it ruin any fun I was having and all of the happiness I felt.

I’m a Disney princess. This is just the sad part of my feature film. It will be okay.

After all, character is not about never getting knocked down, it’s about getting knocked flat-out seven times, but coming back stronger eight.

Stay strong. Stay beautiful.


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