The leading cause of rape

In psychology today we had a conversation on sexual assault. We talked about consent and statistics of rape and sexual assault.

For the longest time, I didn’t know why so many cases of sexual assault existed on a college campus. But in today’s lecture-turned-debate, I learned that there is one source of rape: ignorance.

While talking about consent, a “boy” in the back of the class said, “But to stop and ask for consent would ruin the moment.”

Every girl in the room, 18 to 53, turned to look at him. We were all stunned.

I turned to the girl sitting next to me in complete shock and said: “Want to know what else would ruin the moment? Prison.” Those who could hear my comment laughed but most of the women in the room began to try to explain it to the poor sap.

Sadly, he fought back.

This continued on for some time until our professor stepped in and told the child that without verbal consent, it is rape. He then posed a question to the room. If the victim was intoxicated and said yes, is it still rape?

One girl and I, in unison, said yes. Consent should never be assumed and “Alcohol consumption or use of other drugs can render a person incapable of giving consent.” That’s the law.

The boy continued to fight back.

This is the problem with today’s youth, especially in this small town, they just don’t understand. They’ve been told their whole lives that people of the opposite sex and people of different religions are beneath them. They believe that people with darker skin are the demons who followed Lucifer.

They’re delusional.

Today’s discussion in that cramped, brick room opened my eyes to true terror, to the idea that rapists don’t understand that what they’re doing is wrong. They don’t have a malicious motive, they think they can take what they want.

And, to me, that’s scarier than an evil man on a mission because at least I know his motive. At least I know that it’s on purpose. At least I know they’re conscious of wrong-doing.

When it’s an ignorant buffoon… it’s different.

Stay strong. Stay beautiful.


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