I’ve been waiting a long time

Let’s talk politics. Let’s talk donkeys and elephants, let’s talk immigration and economics, let’s talk free college and legal marijuana.

Or let’s not.

Let’s simply talk about voting, voters, and votes. Let’s talk about the fact that I belong to the age group (18-24) where only 38% of the people show up to vote, and in recent years it’s been less and less. Let’s talk about the fact that women have only been allowed to vote for a little under 100 years yet young women aren’t taking advantage of it.

Let’s talk about the fact that our future is at stake yet there are still people who tell me “yeah I’m not voting this year.”

I don’t know about anyone else, but I’ve waited my whole life for the opportunity to have a say in the politic system which rules this country.

I know there’s a controversy over if I, or anyone really, has a say in this corrupt, backwards, and rigged system but at least I’ve done my part. At least I tried.

Make sure that you get out to your polls and vote! Remember that early voting ends Nov. 4 and the official voting day is Nov. 8. Go get your own sticker!

Screen Shot 2016-10-29 at 10.08.52 PM.png

Stay strong. Stay beautiful.


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