This past Saturday I was able to go on a pretty thorough adventure throughout Southern Utah with one of my favorite wanderers. From St. George to Washington to Ivins and everywhere in between, we scouted my new home and the surrounding areas, leaving no stone untouched.

One of the coolest places that we went to was a local Japanese restaurant titled Sakura. Not only was it my first time there but it was also my first time getting to experience hibachi live and I must say that it was terrifying and spectacular all at the same time.


My aunt and I also went to roam around this little town called Santa Clara. The trees were all changing color and the brilliant oranges and fiery reds accentuated the small, brick homes and added to the country feel. We stopped on the side of the highway, beside an LDS church (shocker right), and were able to simply stare at the beautiful reds and oranges, not in the trees, but also on the mountains. My favorite part of this particular excursion was getting to stop off at these two little shops, one with holiday gifts and the other was a fruit stand.   img_9187

We also went to this fabulous ice cream place called Subzero where they make the ice cream or custard in front of you using liquid nitrogen. Though it was extremely sweet, I can officially say I am hooked.

What else? Awe! How could I forget? The Dinosaur Site. Here in Utah, a lot of fossils have been dug up, even the bones of a dinosaur only just discovered. The Dinosaur Site in St. George used to be a lake but now that it is dried up, local paleontologists were able to build a museum on top of the lake bed complete with models, a children’s play area, and, of course, a gift shop which my aunt and I perused for about an hour.



I honestly had never put much thought into the idea that Utah had so much to offer. I let a few… or more than a few… rotten people get in the way of enjoying the things around me. Thankfully, I have people who have been through what I am struggling against and are here to keep my head above water. I don’t think there is anything one cannot accomplish without the right people by their side. I must be invincible.


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