Christmas list

It’s become an annual occurrence to post my Christmas list here for not just my family and friends to see, but in actuality the whole world.

While I write this, I’m knee-deep in puppies, full of Thanksgiving stuffing (yummm) and blissfully sprawled out on my parents’ couch. Doesn’t that sound absolutely glamorous?

Anyways, let’s hop right into it.

  1. Anything Hamilton or Harry Potter
    Geeky, I know, but I don’t care. These two things make me exceedingly happy. Laptop cases, graphic tees, accessories… anything. I grew up reading the outrageous adventures of Harry and his friends, my nose always buried in the pages that reflected his many conflicts. Hamilton, on the other hand, is much newer, but seems to resonate with me more so than the whimsical, wizarding world. The ambitious characters and unyielding intellect of Alexander Hamilton and the people in his life have me captivated and more sure than ever in who I have become and what I will do with my life.
  2. Smartwatch
    This wish makes me feel… horrible. It’s so expensive, honestly unnecessary and just the fact that I seem to have every other gadget under the sun makes me appear as a spoiled brat. But this new technology seems to make my friends’ and family’s lives easier and I, stupidly, want the same ease.
  3. HP Sprocket Photo Printer

    This little device is absolutely genius! No, this isn’t sponsored, but I wouldn’t be upset if it was. This little machine uses bluetooth and an app to print pictures from your phone. You can add frames, filters and even text. And the best part? It doesn’t use ink! Isn’t that just brilliant? Don’t ask me how it works, that is something I do not care to know. I would be much happier to simply believe that it’s magic.

  4. Journals and Pens
    These are must have items that I always put on my list. Writing, especially short stories and most of my novels, take place in the most traditional style: pen and paper. What can I say? I’m an old soul.
  5. Money for Textbooks
    You saw this coming, you had to have. I’m that student who has to have every textbooks and, while taking 18-19 credits, I’m going to need all of the help I can get.
  6. Make Up

    This one is a little new to the list. I didn’t start wearing makeup until senior year. I really didn’t have time to experiment with it nor did I have the desire. But now, I’m in love. I think of it as art and I love trying new things (I mean come on, my hair was purple for Pete’s sake).

Even though I have made a list, I am aware that the holidays are a hard time for many people. I know that I won’t get everything on my list and I am more than okay with that. This is just to give people ideas and help people to better understand what I want and who I am. It has always been the thought that counts.

I’ve been adding the finishing touches to certain chapters in Falling Into the Third Reich and I hope that you’re all as excited as I am for its release. I’ve also been working on some little side projects that I have decided to debut here and then on figment so if you aren’t already, make sure you’re following me on there as well.

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and make sure to enjoy the rest of your long weekends.

Stay Strong. Stay Beautiful. Keep Writing.


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