Part one: Regret

This is part one of the two-part exercise in my APA Psychology writing course. 

The prompt was “why is everyone walking backwards?” 

I looked around the crowded cafeteria and noticed a trend emerge from the congregation. They all seemed to be walking backwards.

Not in the most literal sense, but in a way that troubled me.

I knew the trials and tribulations one would face by battling the future head on, but to this day I had never regretted my decision to venture on into the unknown and unpromised.

As I witnessed this strange occurrence, I wondered what had caused each of the individuals before me to with hopeless abandon venture back into what they knew and what was safe.

Where was their sense of adventure?

The past is like your favorite blanket. All you want to do is wrap it around yourself and disappear into the warmth of your fondest memory; it’s comfortable and it’s cliché.

You’re never as young as you were five seconds ago. In no time at all you will become petrified by age, unable to make the choice to move forward or backward, unable to move at all.

And who will hold the most regret?


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