Why I stopped writing

As of late, the only time I wrote was for the newspaper I work for, the papers for the courses I attend, and this blog. I started to write poetry again, most recently, and I decided to continue the work on my novels.

I’d hate to say I stopped writing because of the courses I’m taking and, although that’s true, it’s not the whole truth.

I’m afraid to write.

I love writing and escaping to different worlds, worlds I can make up as I go and people I can develop and grow. I love planning the novels, mostly; sitting there staring into space with a blank piece of paper and a pen. No one truly like sitting down to write for seven or eight hours.

Your fingers feel like ice and your knees ache; your eyes burn and your temple feeling like the main course in a room full of rapid dogs. The actual writing process is never fun, but the planning and the reading and (honestly) the editing are so much more rewarding.

I stopped reading because when you work for a university, they own everything you produce. That includes research and publications, and I wasn’t sure if that extended to me, or even when that began. I didn’t want to continue my best ideas just to publish them for the university.

But I’ve started it back up at a speed almost twice as rigorous as it was in middle school. I’m so excited to share the poetry I write and the short stories I have ready, but most of all I’m excited to publish more works.

If you just can’t wait, I’m turned my Instagram into a black and white poetry center where you can read my poems and see my pictures.

Sorry for this poor excuse of a — well — excuse. I promise I will be doing another, and better, blog post later today or tomorrow. I just wanted to update you guys on why you haven’t heard anything about Falling Into the Third Reich or the college survival guide/tell all I’m writing.

Stay strong. Stay beautiful.


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