Misdiagnosis (#VoteNoAHCA)

Yesterday I went to both a therapist and medical doctor to try to cure this cute but frustrating stutter.

Other than the fact that “[I] need to chill,” my biggest take away was the idea that when I was 13 years old, I was misdiagnosed with depression.

My therapist gave me a big long answer as to how he knew and told me the difference between depression and anxiety, but in the end he made it very clear that when I was 13 years old I didn’t have severe depression, rather I had severe anxiety.

I didn’t understand because I definitely knew what depression was and what it felt like. He explained that, because I was misdiagnosed and treated for the wrong illness, I now had both.

I already knew I had both, but this idea that my depression was not the main source of my problems really confused me and made me concerned.

He explained everything so well. My therapist told me anxiety is thinking “I’m not good enough” and depression is thinking “I’m not good at all.” Overtime, enough becomes at all.

I talked to my therapist and asked which one, anxiety or depression, I should focus on “curing” and he told me anxiety. So looking into anti-depressants turned into being prescribed anxiety medication.

To the government, however, it doesn’t matter whether it’s anxiety or depression; I am a pre-existing condition in the eyes of AHCA. My acne and migraines make me a pre-existing condition as well. Being a female makes me a pre-existing condition.

I am lucky to have insurance else where, but for people all over the country who rely on national health insurance, this has caused panic. I am calling for all people to call their senators and make it crystal clear that you do not support AHCA and neither should they. You can call, fax, mail letters, tweet and so much more. If you do nothing, however, nothing can happen.

Not only does this act hike up premiums for everyone other than *gasp* straight, white males, but it defunds Planned Parenthood. Defunding an institution that preaches safe sex and healthy pregnancies and choice, how does that help anyone? You can’t believe in Pro-Life until the person is born and then force them to pay more because of birth defects or otherwise.

I’m Ryann Ravenwood, and I am a part of the resistance.


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