What makes a worthwhile human

I don’t definitively know what a worthwhile person is, or the characteristics one would have. I think I’ve met a few, I’ve known a few more, but it’s not black and white. A worthwhile person is kind and compassionate, but not practically perfect in every way. A worthwhile person doesn’t weigh a certain amount or speak a certain language. Skin color doesn’t dictate your ability to be a worthwhile person and neither does religion.

A lot of the hate I see in this world is because of our differences; the differences we develop from living in different worlds fuels the hate corrupt governments use to make profit. I am sure not many worthwhile people go into politics and I am equally sure they don’t go into fields of weapon making. Pharmaceuticals is a grey line, because I am sure people go into medicine to save lives, but I am also sure that just as many go into medicine to make a profit or fulfill someone else’s dreams.

I think a worthwhile person is honest and objective, not just to others but also to themselves. They are able to see their weaknesses and build on them, but they are also able to use their strengths to help others. A worthwhile person understands that happiness is attainable and, once they have found their own happiness, helps others to achieve that same goal of being happy and content with life.

A worthwhile person is courageous and rebellious. Not necessarily in the fantastical sense, but in general. A worthwhile person stands up for what they believe in, even if — and especially when — the currents are against them. They work hard to make sure the truth wins out. Albus Dumbledore taught a younger me in another time that standing up for what you believe in is hard, but standing up to your friends is even harder.

A worthwhile person is tough but gentle. I was sixteen years old when I learned of Theodore Roosevelt and his mantra to “speak softly and carry a big stick.” Thick skin is necessary in the world we live in, especially for one who needs to break social norms, but being tough doesn’t mean being cold-hearted.

You cannot measure a worthwhile person with a rubric, a scale, or a tape measure. A worthwhile person doesn’t have to be under 200 pounds, taller than 5”6’, or a certain gender, race, or sexuality. A worthwhile “person is a person, not matter how small.”

If there is one worthwhile person I have known her whole life it is my sister. She is tough, yet she is loving and would do anything for her friends and family. She isn’t careless, but she is guarded; she isn’t shallow, but she knows her self-worth. She is ambitious and rebellious, courageous and honest. She is everything I aspire to be.


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