A mother is not always a mom

I am usually able to put what I am feeling into written words, but when it comes to my mom I can’t seem to find the right ones. The other day, I was talking to my mom, trying to express who she is and what value she holds to me but there are simply not enough words — or the words do not exist — to explain how much she means to me.

My mom is someone who I know I can turn to whenever I need her. She’s my biggest cheerleader; she’s my best friend and I know she will always love me. That’s the difference between a mother and a mom, you see. A mother is someone who birthed you, someone who provided you a way into this world. A mom is someone who cares for you and loves you unconditionally.

Some people, like me, are incredibly lucky. My mother is my mom. Other people find their mom in complete strangers who take them in and raise them because their mother could not. That does not make the stranger any less of a mom; that does not make the child any less of a person.

Mother’s Day is always really hard for me. My mom deserves trips to Paris or her own island in the Caribbean, but being an 18-year-old in college makes it hard to even take her to breakfast. I love my mom, more than any amount of money or people in this world. She is the light in a world that I find so dull and dark. She is my inspiration and all of my aspirations melted into one golden heart. She is perfect in every way and, in my eyes, she could do no wrong. She gives me hope and love and I hope to never see her sad. I want to give her the world, many worlds even, if I could.

This Mother’s Day, celebrate your moms; celebrate the women who make you strong and keep you fighting for everything you’re passionate about. Thank them for giving you that passion and continuing to support you and guide you. Thank them for the roof over your head, the food at your table, and the light in your heart. Most of all, thank them for their time and spend your time with them.

Like I said, my mom is my best friend, but college has taken my time with her away from me. I realize just how much time I don’t have with her. My goal in life is to always have her in it, to take annual adventures with her, and most of all to never let distance or time corrupt our relationship.

Happy Mother’s Day to my best friend because I know you’ll read this when you have time to take a breath. I love you to the moon and back and — above all things — I love you most.


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