Malibu is not just a place, not just a song, not just an alcohol. Malibu is the name of my service dog.

Last weekend, I was blessed with the opportunity to adopt my service dog and she has already made a world of difference. This beautiful, 50 pound border collie loves cuddles and is one of the most intelligent beings I have ever come across.

She’s settling into her new home well and loves when Aunt Ashley walks in the door, but her eyes get wide when she takes off her leg. She loves walks and trying to push people off of beds.

Overall she is perfect and her and I have bonded so quickly. On the car ride home, her and I fell asleep on each other and have done so almost every night since.

She’s my best friend and she is literally saving my life on a daily basis.

Stay tuned for more of your regularly scheduled content. 


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