assistant director “Fairy Tale Ink & Film™ is a film and literature company formed by author, director, and blogger Ryann Ravenwood. Made up of four executives, FTInknFilm looks to give actors, musicians, and writers a starting ground for their careers by casting them in short films, featuring their music, and publicizing their work on all platforms.”


Namaste for Wine Creators  Namaste for Wine is a local yoga studio for those 21 years or older located in Las Vegas, Nevada. The main purpose for this studio is to let people come together, practice yoga, and drink wine.


Kenzie Kent Photography is a local photography business who specializes in portraits and loves to incorporate art and local artists into their pieces.

Kenzie Kent is a photographer located in Las Vegas, Nevada. With all of the beautiful scenery and opportunities presented to her, she was able to turn her hobby into a career. Kenzie is an advocate for P.O.T.S. and a supporter of the arts. Art is one of the biggest aspects in her photography and she uses local art to back the community she grew up in.”

The library

The Library is a group where you can go to compete in contests, acquire truthful reviews, and request amazing covers. This group is run by Writer, a talented writer who has made a name for herself on the site called Figment. Click on the picture to check out the Library or click on “Writer” to check out some on her amazing stories.



“Born in California but raised in Colorado, Isabella lives in the shadow of Rocky Mountains. She currently attends high school as a junior at Ridgeview Classical School, where she enjoys classes such as Greek and Literature. At home she spends time with her two younger brothers and dog. When not writing she might be caught baking, reading, hanging with her friends, star-gazing, or listening to her extensive collection of vinyl.”

Check out her books by clicking the picture! You can explore everything Isabella by liking her Facebook page, following her Tumblr, or subscribing to her official website

Project: Hope “[Project: Hope by Madelyn Neal is] a compilation of poetry, short stories, diary entries, and interviews, detailing the extraordinary lives of refugee children who have resettled in Indianapolis, Indiana in the hopes of a better life.”

Madelyn is a 16 year-old sophomore who lives in Indianapolis. She speaks English, French, and Spanish and loves to read classics and write. Madelyn is a monthly columnist for Inspired Kids Magazine and has been published in various collections of poetry. Community Service is an important part of Madelyn’s life and she is happy to introduce her first novel, “Project: Hope” in the wish to impact kids and teens (and some adults) around the world.”

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